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Track Manage Improve Automate production in factories with many human workers.

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AiSupervision is a platform to automate what the best human supervisor would do if they were everywhere in your factory.

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Measured improvements & productivity insights

Stop guessing.
Start measuring.

+25% Increase
in productivity on avg
15 million +
minutes of work tracked
18 million +
tracked units produced
Bring your labour intensive factory into the future

How AiSupervision works.

Terminals track human work on the production floor.

We install terminals at every work area to collect real-time data on work done by humans.

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Easily discover your production pain points.

Continuously improve your productivity and production quality with the help of Ai.

Real-time alerts on quality control & production.

Use instant notifications, interactive dashboards, scheduling and more to manage your production.

Automated reporting & data collection.

Automate production reporting, quality control reports, invoicing, and more.


Digitize every human action in your production process.

  • Track what workers are working on and unit completion progress
  • Detect and respond to downtimes as soon as they happen
  • Precisely measure the manhours required to produce each unit
  • GDPR compliant and easy to use
Productivity Impact
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% Productivity
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The most advanced manufacturing execution system ever

Key platform features.

Get real-time alerts about productivity, downtimes and more.

  • Easy to customize
  • Set up actions required to dismiss a notification
  • Measure time between notification received and resolved

Filter, search and export data with a few clicks

  • Real-time search
  • Filter each data property and chain filters together
  • Export to Excel & CSV

Automated photo quality control using Artificial Intelligence.

  • Notification reminders to capture photos of each order
  • Automatically generate PDF reports to send to clients
  • Automate inspection using artificial intelligence

Why AiSupervision is different.

Ultra fast setup.

We can set up AiSupervision in your factory in a matter of days, not months. All that is required is electricity at each work area.

Easy to use.

Our platform is very easy to use with a simple interface that anyone can use so that your team can spend time producing instead of fighting with complicated tools.


Unlike enterprise manufacturing execution systems which cost millions to set up and run, AiSupervision is affordable and quickly pays for itself through cost savings and productivity improvements.

Quick return on investment.

With AiSupervision, you'll see fast returns on your investment in the platform due to how quickly it improves your production environment.

Frequently asked questions


How does it work?

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We install touchscreen terminals with RFID readers at each workstation in your factory / plant and provide your workers with RFID tags. Workers tag in to the workstation at the start and end of each shift and use the devices to indicate when each unit is complete or when there is downtime. We provide an easy-to-use photo capture app to capture quality control photos during the production process...

The foreman / factory manager uses a dashboard to assign orders to each workstation and can see the progress of each order in real-time, together with notifications when there is downtime or a drop in productivity. A detailed order page is created for each order with graphs on how long it took each unit to be produced (clock time and workhours) and graphs relating to any downtimes.

The set of steps that an order goes through can be configured with alerts to any other stakeholders (for example plant managers or clients) and they can collaborate on the production process to make sure that everything is done correctly the first time and that orders are completed on schedule.

We also provide detailed exports on every aspect of the production process to streamline invoicing and to track productivity over time.

Is it GDPR compliant / is my data safe?

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The AiSupervision system is 100% GDPR compliant.

Our hardware devices do not store any sensitive data and our software platform is hosted on servers inside the EU with strict data controls in place to make sure that your data stays secure.

For strict requirements, we can discuss an on-premise deployment so that your data never leaves your environment.

How much does it cost?

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Our pricing depends on the size of the factory and the number of workstations required (we provide volume discounts).

There is an initial cost to purchase and install the hardware and a monthly cost to use the system.

Schedule a demo to discuss your requirements and get a detailed quote for a proof-of-concept.

How do I get started using AiSupervision?

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The easiest way to get started is to schedule a demo and we will work with you to design a low-risk and quick proof-of-concept at one of your factories to demonstrate the power of our system and customize our platform to solve your requirements.

Do I need to programmers to integrate with my existing systems?

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No! You can use our excel order upload tool to get data into the AiSupervision platform without needing to integrate with any of your existing systems.

If you would like to directly connect any existing systems to the AiSupervision platform, we can set this up for you.

Our system does not require any programming resources or skills - we set everything up for you and you can configure or tweak the system using our simple interfaces.