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Production Data Acquisition

Increased productivity through digitization at Planwerk

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The Challenge of Digitization in Human-heavy Production

Planwerk GmbH is striving to digitize its production processes and intends to create greater transparency. Our iterative and customer-centric approach enabled us to develop a customized solution that allows Planwerk to fully focus on fulfilling orders! As a medium-sized company, Planwerk did not previously have an IT solution. Therefore, all orders, operating times and materials were entered manually. Due to the diverse order situation, the company expected that finding an adequate IT solution would be challenging and costly.

The AISupervision Approach

Thorough Assessment and Customized Solution

Despite these challenges, the company harbored a desire to digitally track certain values and achieve an optimized flow in its production processes. As a first step, we worked with Planwerk to conduct a thorough analysis of the current state to gain a comprehensive understanding of Planwerk's day-to-day pain points. Based on these insights, we were able to quickly determine how AISupervision could be used most effectively and efficiently to support Planwerk. Working closely together, we provided Planwerk with expertise and advice based on our extensive industry experience.

Seamless Implementation and Continuous Improvement

To enable immediate data collection, store floor data collection using AISupervision terminals was implemented at every workstation within a few weeks. Thanks to this fast implementation, data could be recorded that was not available before and the production processes became transparently traceable for the first time. At the same time, the AISupervision software was extended and adapted to the specific requirements of Planwerk GmbH to ensure optimal integration and seamless collaboration.

Enhanced Efficiency and Transparency

After just a few weeks, Planwerk GmbH was able to track additional points. Confidence had grown and it became clear that even key figures of individual orders could be tracked! In cooperation with the customer, the processes that were to be digitized and automated were analyzed. During this project phase, the existing relationship of trust was further strengthened and feedback was continuously obtained from Planwerk in order to optimally adapt the solution to their needs.

Streamlined Production with AISupervision's Digitized Solution

Through ongoing iterations and close collaboration, we were able to help Planwerk ensure that orders, production logs, and financial statements no longer need to be recorded manually on paper, but are captured and managed digitally. For example, employees can now record material consumption and production quantities directly at their workstations via AISupervision terminals. In addition, numerous back-office processes have been structured and digitized to further increase efficiency and traceability. At Planwerk, all orders and processes can now be displayed digitally, in real time and clearly in various dashboards at any time, resulting in improved planning and control of production processes.


By using AISupervision and our collaborative, iterative and speedy approach, we were able to successfully meet the specific requirements and needs of Planwerk GmbH. The available key figures make it clear that the project not only had a positive impact on processes, but also sustainably improved the well-being of employees and management. Thanks to the digitalization of production processes and the resulting transparency, Planwerk was able to process its orders more efficiently and save costs at the same time. The project has shown that AISupervision offers a tailor-made solution for companies like Planwerk that focus on efficiency, transparency and customer satisfaction.

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